Thursday, January 17, 2008

File this under "Hate Mail."

If you don't know about the grammar Facebook group, check out the old posts here and here. Currently, we're about 240,000 strong. Every once in a while I get messages composed of the heartfelt ramblings of confused people who take offense at the group. Here's one I received today.

i[sic] think that ths[sic] group is STUPID and GAY!!![sic]because like really come on sometimes people don't gt enough schooling tobe able to have the right Grammar or whatever!! like would you JUDGE a little girl or anyone from like a foreign country, now would you... so why would you "JUUDGE" a "NORMAL" person i would think that you people make mystakes ometimes, i mean i'm sure you guys make somemystakes sometimes. and again i say... THIS GROUP IS RETATRED!!!

I gave up on the [sic]s after the third one. Thank you, Jessica Postma from Woodstock Collegiate Institute.

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