Monday, September 21, 2009

Facebook-Friending Professors

As my friend Bud, who has a blog about FSU football with a huge following over at Tomahawk Nation, observed recently: "Blogging isn't hard, but being consistent is." Very true.

As I work on my consistency (and I welcome submissions about the law, law school, or even posts by outsiders of this little legal world: email them to Senichols (at), here's something funny that happened a few days ago.

We're bombarded with articles about how technology and the professional world can clash, but here's a first-hand example.

I posted on Facebook the following status: I can't help but think "gubernatorial" is a funny word.
Comment by friend "C": Is it bad that I giggled a little every time we used the word "seamen" (TO REFER TO SAILORS, YOU DIRTY READERS) the other day in class?
Comment by professor of said class, "Prof. N": Yeah, I heard the giggling.

I guess it's good to keep in mind that I'm Facebook friends with professors now.

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Oh, Emails

Favorite mass email of the day, from a guy who lost the power cord to his computer:

"Bring it to me and I'll teach you ALL the Rush lyrics I know."

Tempting to you?

Wednesday, September 02, 2009


Patrick Fisher is a Facebook friend who helped out a lot on the grammar book, which comes out September 29th. In return for his help, I promised a signed copy of the book. He just sent me this Facebook message as a reminder:

Hi Sharon! I see that your book is coming out in a monthish, so I am going to have to claim my just deserts. If you recall, you promised me your hand in marriage. However, we agreed that would never work due to my annularphobia (fear of rings) and your "condition". I believe we settled on an appropriate substitution of: One copy of your book, signed by you, sent to me at my location at time of publishing. My address is:

[Insert address]

For the inscription, I would diffidently accept, with no alterations:

Dear Patrick,

I know I told you I would marry you, but please accept this small token as a humble substitute for my eternal love. Know that I will always treasure our brief tenure as lovers.


Thank you in advance, it's been quite enjoyable planning this for eight months.

This message is hilarious. I kinda love Patrick, and I'll do exactly as he asks when I get some extra copies.

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Gmail Down for a Couple Hours

Gmail is ...fallible? Don't say it's true!


I've just been relaxing and enjoying this -- the last senior year of my life -- senior year of everything. It's very likely that I'll never, ever be in school again, so why not enjoy it while it's here?

I've also been working a lot at UA's newspaper, The Crimson White. I'm taking a lot of what I learned about journalism this summer and putting it to use at the school paper. It's cool to watch the process and see everything come together. We publish four times a week: Monday, Wednesday Thursday and Friday.

I do realize that, at some point, I have to get serious about looking for a real (adult! ahh...) job, but not right now. That can wait till closer to Christmas.

For now: ROLL TIDE!

UA Football Player Shot: Can He Play?

An Alabama football player, Brandon Deaderick, was shot last night in an attempted robbery. He's expected to fully recover, and he was released from DCH medical center today.

Football fans are freaking out about whether or not Deaderick will be able to play. What I overheard in the newsroom just now:

  • "If Deaderick plays this Saturday, I will do his laundry for life. And let him name my first-born child."
  • "Hell, if Deaderick plays this week, he can HAVE my first-born child."

I love Tide fans.