Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Oh, Emails

Favorite mass email of the day, from a guy who lost the power cord to his computer:

"Bring it to me and I'll teach you ALL the Rush lyrics I know."

Tempting to you?


chris said...

I could just read all the Ayn Rand novels and at least learn what the Rush lyrics are about.

Anonymous said...

Since you took it upon yourself to delete the thread from the grammar group, I am reposting some of our concerns here on your blog, with the hope that it will be addressed in a meaningful way. As you have been aware, many of the very active members of your group, I judge you when you use poor grammar, are complaining of the lack of active admin and support. The wall is overrun by spammers, and the two admins on the site could frankly care less. Furthermore, they don't actively contribute to the wall or discussion boards or add any value in terms of ongoing contributions.

Sharon, when you responded to Buzz's very reasonable request of making a long standing, active member an admin, you refused on the basis of stating you couldn't risk the potential of losing admin rights and therefore rights to the pictures and use of the group for your book, your newly planned calendar and whatever else you have planned. Basically, you have made it clear that all you care about is the ability to take advantage of the group to make money and promote your own self interest. If that's the case fine, but then at least actively manage something that is creating a source of income for yourself and show a little respect to the members who have made this possible for you. If you're so busy using this group to make a career for yourself, at the very least you should participate in making sure the group continues in a healthy and productive way.

I take it you deleted the thread when you realized how your reply showed you in this unfavorable light to the members who care about the ongoing health of the group. You also probably deleted to stop further contention from your disgruntled members, but just deleting it will not make the problem go away. And your statement about being "ousted" is incorrect, you can add an admin and designate yourself as the group's creator, and no admin can have the rights to remove you as you suggested. You can confirm this with facebook.

If you want to make money from the group, that's all well and good, but try contributing something as well. If you don't have the time or interest to actively manage the group that you're so busy making money from (and who knows when that will end, after the calendar you're now planning, I'm sure there will be even more inane promotional items) then at least let someone who has the time, interest and desire to do so help.

We hope you take some action to solve this problem and do so quickly.

Muskrat said...

I'm enticed.

Anonymous said...

Are you even reading the topics on the Discussion Board for your group or are you too busy planning to profit from it? Do you even care that your regular members are planning a boycott of your book, shirts, calendars and other dumb paraphernalia because they feel exploited by you when you studiously ignore the group and its need to have some active admin and officers? Or how about Hellen's disgusting and self important email? Are you planning to address things at all Sharon, or keep your head up your a**.

The Batman said...

Congratulations on compiling other peoples' ideas and photos! After stating you are far too busy to be bothered with the very site that has given you the ability to take a stab this very noteworthy venture, I'm afraid I won't be purchasing your book. Instead, I'll keep my eyes out for one at the reclamation center in hopes of using its pages in the john. Enjoy all your your well-deserved success.

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