Monday, September 21, 2009

Facebook-Friending Professors

As my friend Bud, who has a blog about FSU football with a huge following over at Tomahawk Nation, observed recently: "Blogging isn't hard, but being consistent is." Very true.

As I work on my consistency (and I welcome submissions about the law, law school, or even posts by outsiders of this little legal world: email them to Senichols (at), here's something funny that happened a few days ago.

We're bombarded with articles about how technology and the professional world can clash, but here's a first-hand example.

I posted on Facebook the following status: I can't help but think "gubernatorial" is a funny word.
Comment by friend "C": Is it bad that I giggled a little every time we used the word "seamen" (TO REFER TO SAILORS, YOU DIRTY READERS) the other day in class?
Comment by professor of said class, "Prof. N": Yeah, I heard the giggling.

I guess it's good to keep in mind that I'm Facebook friends with professors now.


Anonymous said...

Your first official book review is out. Yikes. It's pretty bad ...your commentary was flat, the book was repetitious, not so funny, etc. 3 out of 5 stars.

My friend got an advance copy sent to him so i'm going to flip through and will let you know what i think, his comments were pretty much along the same lines but said he got a few laughs out of it.

J said...

Oooh yes. That is always good to keep in mind. I didn't friend any professors until I had graduated for that very reason!

Anonymous said...

I thought it would be a lot funnier, it's really repetitive, the it's vs. its, their vs. there, you're vs. your examples are only funny the first time or two, after that they get redundant and the boring repetition loses your reader.

My frank assessment is that I was expecting the commentary to be a lot witter, it's just not funny. Some of the pictures are funny, but the commentary did nothing except explain the obvious and that generates the feeling after a while that you're talking down to your reader, who is more than capable of figuring out why the picture exemplifies bad grammar. As a pet peeve, I also hate when people confuse bad grammar with bad spelling, it's not the same thing and I would have thought a book about bad grammar would be capable of discerning the difference.

The best part of the book is definitely the pictures, but looks like from previous comments on your blog and on the group discussion board, the credit for that really belongs to the group members (who seem to be disgruntled at you for making profit from plagiarizing their pictures). Props goes to the finder of the picture on page. 31, that was a pretty good laugh.

Anonymous said...

Used copies are already being resold for about $5-$6 bucks online so I wouldn't advise buying it new, I'm selling mine on amazon.

Anonymous said...

I'm shocked there's no post promoting the book that shamelessly profits from our group. Flipped through it at the bookstore (didn't buy it), after having a lot of trouble finding it, didn't have it at the first bookstore I tried and then finally found two copies buried in the back in humor section of the second. It would have been better if it had been half the size and twice as funny, the captions fell really flat (reminded me of your failed blogging attempt at ATL where you asked your readers... "get it?" on a very basic joke) and the pictures tended to get boring and repetitious.

Also - new copies are being sold for $4.50 and used ones for about $3.00 online - seriously not worth the $9.99 original price.

Anonymous said...

Glad to see your "I Judge You..." Facebook site is falling into disarray. All your regular posters have abandoned it due to your obvious greed and delinquent inattention. You deserve all the credit for its demise.
I have to admit I have not read your book. I've haven't the time or the interest to seek it out.

Anonymous said...

Sharon, congratulations!
You have managed to kill your own cash cow with your aloof inattention and arrogant solicitations for the membership of IJY to line your pockets with personal gain.
Having killed the wall posts is a obvious case of 'too little, too late'.
There remains endless spam within the discussion threads (I know you don't care), and, worse yet, there remains on inflammatory asshole (Mike Casey) who has promoted himself to lord and master of the remaining sheep. Unfortunately for you, Mike Casey is a cancerous presence and folks shun him as if he were an Amish whore.
You reap what you sew. You must be very proud of your handiwork as your cash cow group now consists of uninteresting illiterates and one prominent buffoon.
Again, my sincere congratulations. It must feel quite the accomplishment to know that you could kill a group of 400,000 members with a single post. I am certain that you revel in the power you wield and that must make you quite proud of yourself.
Best regards.......The former IJY regulars.

Anonymous said...

Way to abandon the group for good now that you have your book published. You should have at least appointed active admins who actually care about continuing the group and its health before just abandoning it.

Anonymous said...

Just deleting all previous wall posts doesn't make you an active admin. You have to continually monitor it. It shouldn't be hard, there are only 36 posts yet half of them are spam. It's not that time consuming to go through and clean that up. And you should also take a look at the discussion board and the excess of spammers and trolls there, that needs to be monitored and cleaned up as well. How about the novel idea of actually making some posts on the discussion board and contributing to the group you profit from?

luke904 said...

really now... who gives a flying fuck about grammar?

Grammar is defined as: how smart you look to stupid people.

i saw her book in a book store and i about puked when i opened it.
people who "judge you when you use poor grammar" have problems...


so who you trying to impress?

sorry if i sound like an ass, im just sick of people like this.

Anonymous said...

My favorite review. I couldn't agree more, especially the part about you being a shit writer and the captions just not being funny. I mean, to be fair, you cant even call it writing a book, when you just threw some pictures together that other people took and assembled and threw a caption explaining the already blatantly obviously. My five year old son could do that. This should have taken a night and not year to do. And the reviewer was right on about your commentary not being at all funny but just plain boring, self evident and monotonous.

Anonymous said...

People who are being overly critical of and just plain nasty about Sharon's fun little book remind me of people who bitch and moan about how lame Modern Art is. You are all whining because you don't get its overall purpose nor did you think to do it first.

Live and let live. Grow up. Sharon's an entrepreneur and did something creative. Get of the internet, and go get a life. It's unbelievable how utterly pathetic you all are acting.

Anonymous said...

it's imature to make fun of people using bad grammer. not to mention just plain stupid.

Anonymous said...

Good job working on that consistency.

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