Friday, January 18, 2008


Rightfully, I think, the editor of Golfweek was fired over this cover featuring a noose. Dave Seanor displayed some remarkable obtuseness when he approved this cover in reference to the comment that Kelly Tilghman made about Tiger Woods -- that the other golfers might "lynch him [Woods] in a back alley."

In reference to yesterday's post about Michael Vick: Really, Kelly Tilghman? Really, Dave Seanor?

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Anonymous said...

I disagree. The noose kind of ties the story together with the fact that the guy is in trouble. Its good imagery, and certainly more creative than putting Mr. Tilghman on the front cover. People all over this country are way too sensitive about race issues to ever make any real progress on racism. If there was a black man's neck inside the noose, you would have a point, but as far as I'm concerned Mr. Seanor was fired to avoid the wrath of Al Sharpton, the reverend Jesse, and his merry band of poverty pimps.