Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Better Luck Next Time

This comment was left anonymously after the Ghetto Vocabulary post the other day:

FYI . . .Ebonics does not equal ghetto vocabulary. While the conversations on "The Wire" are certainly ghetto, the conversations represent Baltimore street vernacular (I'm sure that you understand how the vernacular may change from region to region since you are from Troy, AL) Thus, it follows that what you heard on "The Wire" was not Ebonics.
Oooh snap. I can feel the condescension dripping from those words. It's almost an admirable level of pretentiousness -- if only it had been logical. Also, what's with the implied dis to the Southland? That's like seeing a group of hot girls and hitting on the ugly one because you're feeling lazy. It's just too easy to be an accomplishment.

That was a great shot, Anonymous. Better luck next time.


Anonymous said...

HAHAHHA! Sharon- you need a disclaimer that you're a pseudo-Yankee.

While I think that colloquial differences as pertaining to geography is an interesting theory, I must conclude that it doesn't entirely hold water. I've just never heard of any conversational difficulties between the various urban music communities. Or teammates in professional sports. Not even at the BET Awards or ESPYs. Right?


Sharon said...

HA. Otherwise, they'd need translators to continue the East/West coast war(s). That would necessitate all KINDS of outrageousness.

Sharon said...

Also, I'm only half Yankee. It's like dual citizenship -- I can claim whichever side is convenient.