Tuesday, January 15, 2008


I struggle with my impulses sometimes. For example, when I see something climb-able, I have a strong impulse to climb it. That applies to trees, buildings with low ledges, and especially statues. I have to remind myself when I'm in downtown Annapolis that it might be disrespectful to stand on top of Kunta Kinte's head. It's difficult, but I've talked myself out of that particular impulse. Most of the time.

Today, I had a similarly inappropriate impulse. My Constitutional Law professor had back surgery a few days ago. As a result, he walks with a cane. A PIMP cane, which would be made even more pimp-like if he would let me act on my impulse to bling it out. This cane is crying out for some diamonds and dollar signs (and rims! Think of the possibilities!), and I want to be the one to up the pimp-factor on my professor's cane.

If he turns down my offer to pimp his cane, I'm going to have to sit on my hands.

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