Friday, January 25, 2008

Mama, check this out.

To make a long story short: I found out a few days ago that my insurance company dropped me when I turned 23 on Dec. 6, but they've been telling me -- up until Jan. 21st -- that I was still covered. They didn't notify me that I was dropped until the 21st, which makes more than a month without insurance coverage. You're supposed to sign up for student health insurance within a month of being dropped by your old insurance company, so because the old company gave me false information and I relied on it, there are problems with my student coverage.

All that boring background leads me to something more exciting. I just wrote my first REAL letter threatening legal action. The "legal action" would be to file a formal complaint with the state insurance board. It's a very mild threat, but it gave me a rush nonetheless.

See, mama? I am totally learning useful things in law school.


Guy Fawkes said...

Oh noes, you're starting to use words like "reliance" in everyday conversation...and blog posts ;)

Sharon said...

I said "relied," not "reliance!" You have permission to make fun of me when I start using "reliance" though. I'll deserve your condemnation.

Guy Fawkes said...

You forgot which one of the All Against All bloggers was the top Lexis user at UA. Hint: it was Phaedrus, not me ;)