Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Two Things:

As I'm using lunch to furiously skim for Evidence class (and I take full responsibility for having to use lunch to read; I regularly succumb to the influence of my slight academic arrogance, which always says "Don't worry about that, you can do it tomorrow."), I noticed two wonderful things. First, in one of the examples in the book, the girl is named Noe I. Dentity. That's like straight off The Simpson's! Wonderful.

The second thing that amused me was when I misread a hypothetical in the chapter on character evidence. It actually says "Toby Wyatt: Adulterer or Rapist?"

I read it as: "Toby Wyatt: Adulterer or Baptist?"

1 comment:

the original grammar bitch said...

As a self-proclaimed grammarian, you might want to stop splitting infinitives, e.g., "to furiously skim."