Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Superman-ing Jerry Falwell

I’m tired of hearing “Superman” used as a verb. However clever it was originally, it’s been tired out by overuse. Maybe in a few years you can use “Superman” as a verb again and it’ll be cool in a throwback sense, but not right now. You can’t Superman that ho’ anymo’; “Superman” is too tired to be effective.

I do, however, advocate the use of another noun as a verb: Jerry Falwell. More specifically, I just want you to use his last name. To “Falwell that ho” means to put a woman in her place, figuratively or literally. It has a broader meaning than “superman,” making it more useful in a variety of situations. Go ahead, use it in a sentence. It’ll make you look witty and cultured at cocktail parties.

To quote The People vs. Larry Flynt: “There is a public interest in making Jerry Falwell look ludicrous.”


Anonymous said...

I'll be there to Falwell you in a little bit.

Anonymous said...

Way to dumb down your sex. Can someone not Falwell her man when he's being an ass?

Sharon said...

Sure. It's an equal-opportunity verb. However, its primary meaning applies to women, because Jerry Falwell was a misogynistic ass.