Tuesday, January 22, 2008

How to Use a Calculator

Every time the law school's administration organizes a large, mandatory meeting, they put us in a room that fits about 90% of the people that THEY asked to come. Most of the group gets a seat, and the rest end up standing or sitting on the floor. This is not because of a shortage of big rooms or a chair deficiency; there are plenty of rooms that fit all of us, and certainly enough chairs to go around.

Either (1)my law school's administration cannot count, or (2)they are irrationally optimistic.

If they simply can't count, that's embarrassing but pardonable. Lawyers aren't supposed to count. Heck, I can't count. But, I CAN use a calculator. Surely there is someone in the law school's administration who knows how to use a calculator.

I suspect, however, that the second choice is a better explanation for the seat-shortage. Someone knows that our class has 182 people in it and keeps hoping that we'll fit in a 160-person room. Even accounting for absences, that's not reasonable. Come on now.

Since I'm feeling charitable today (and since it will benefit me), I'll volunteer my services. If someone in the law school administration wants to learn, I'll teach you how to use a calculator.


Silly Little Law Student said...

Your school's administration isn't the only one who can't count. The Silly Little Law School regularly places classes of 95-100 in a room that fits 80. It's kind of ridiculous.

Loyal Lilac said...

Maybe they’re irrationally pessimistic, assuming that no more than 90% of the class will show up for any one meeting!