Sunday, January 27, 2008

Super Tuesday is Coming

I'm a newcomer to Alabama's election primary system, so I thought I'd share with you what I'm learning. (I was born and raised in Alabama, but voting wasn't exactly on my 11-year old radar. I was too busy climbing trees and capturing flags with the boys to worry about primary systems).

Super Tuesday
refers to the day in early February when a huge number of states hold their primaries. This year, Super Tuesday is February 5th. It's a slightly bigger deal if you're a Democrat -- Dems have 52 percent of their delegates at stake on that day, while Republicans have only 41 %.

Alabama has 9 delegates: 7 representatives and 2 senators. Our primaries this year are on Feb. 5th, and they're open primaries. Open primaries mean that you don't have to register as a dem, republican or independent -- you can just vote in whichever primary you personally affiliate with.

This information was surprisingly difficult to get, but I finally found it at Check out FairVote even if you're not voting in Alabama; they have pretty accurate information.

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