Saturday, October 20, 2007

New York Times

"Your Modifier is Dangling"

In the highlight of my grammar career so far, the New York Times interviewed me last week about the Facebook group (I judge you when you use poor grammar.) The article is in this Sunday's Sunday Style section, and here's the part of the article about the group:
“Unfortunately, using poor grammar comes off as less pretentious,” said Sharon Nichols, a 22-year-old law student. “Everything is just so calculated in politics.
Ms. Nichols is one of many young people throwing off her generation’s reputation for slovenly language, and taking up the gauntlet for good grammar. Last year, after seeing a sign on a restaurant window that said “Applications Excepted,” she started a grammar vigilante group on Facebook, the social networking site, and called it “I Judge You When You Use Poor Grammar.” Its 200,000 members have gleefully and righteously sent in 5,000 photographs documenting grammatical errors


buffy said...

fabulous! Loved the article, and just joined the group on Facebook.

Rachelskirts said...

Sweet! Glad to see the pursuit of good grammar is getting some attention! You've done a wonderful thing by starting that group. :)