Thursday, October 18, 2007

Best email I've ever written.

David Lat edits Above the Law, an online legal tabloid of sorts. He's looking for a personal assistant, and I sent him this Facebook message about it.

(Keep in mind the site is VERY gossipy and irreverent.)

Hey David,

I have a (legal, heh) proposition for you. Right now I'm not in the DC area, but I saw your note and wanted to log my interest in working for you this summer.

I'm currently in law school, but I've had some unusual experiences. I started the Facebook group "I judge you when you use poor grammar," of which you are a distinguished member. Because the group became unexpectedly large, I've gotten some experience in entrepreneurship, dealing with the media, and writing for a large audience. Our latest and greatest piece of publicity is an upcoming article in the 10/21 NYT Sunday Styles section.

So I find myself in an interesting position. I have a formal education in political science and law, but an interest in tawdry political commentary and general frivolity (but then again, who doesn't?). It's my sincere desire to contribute to the world of political sensationalism, and preferably not as the object of some politician's philandering.

On that note, keep me in mind if you need an employee for the summer. If you've already found the perfect personal assistant, I'd love some advice on where else you think I might find summer work. Either way, I'll continue my faithful reading of Above the Law. It gives me hope from the stuffy world of law school.




Anonymous said...

Hey Sharon -

Great email but the inclusion of 'gotten' made me cringe. I think that verges on unforgiveably poor grammar, no? Good luck with the job application though.

"(but then again, who doesn't?)." said...

This post inspires me to start the facebook group "I judge you when you use poor punctuation."