Monday, October 02, 2006

Sharon's finally ready to talk about the LSAT.

After months of study and a 3-week pause in my social life, I took the LSAT on Saturday. It was the first step in a long process, and I'm glad it's over. Like exam week, huge tests like the LSAT create a sort of bond between people studying for them. I was in the library practically all of last week, and I met quite a few people with their Kaplan books spread out and their eyes glazed over.

I thought my primary enemy would be fatigue, that my concentration would fade and I'd become careless towards the end of the test. It is a 5+ hour ordeal. I was surprised when I found it hard to concentrate in the beginning. Worries kept creeping in, irrelevant thoughts. After the first two sections my focus returned, and I think I finished strongly. Scores come out in 2-3 weeks, so we'll see.

I feel like taking that test was an official declaration of intent. Like it's binding now: Sharon's going to law school. That's assuming I'll be accepted. If I get in, I'll continue this blog and join the flock of law school students with blogs. If I'm rejected, I'll probably keep writing anyway, but I'll have more interesting things to write about.

I'm just glad I can get back to the enjoyable tangents of senior year. Happy hour, anyone?

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