Wednesday, October 18, 2006


I have never watched this show. My roommate Nicki is a fan, but I have intentionally steered clear of Lost because I've heard how addicting it could be. I do not need another TV show to watch every week.

That being said, I'm watching right now because Nicki's watching it and (regrettably) my laziness prohibits me from getting off the couch.

I thought this show was about people stranded on an island! So far I've heard references to magic, Mr. Echo the dolphin, an imploding underground hatch, a drug dealing priest and a polar bear. What kind of island is this?

Also, I think the show has some kind of magic power that makes people get physically excited when it's on: jumping, fidgeting, spontaneous yelling of things like "Locke was going to save Echo and kill BEARS!" I've also heard about paralysis and cancer being cured by the show.

Oh wait, that was on the show. I've been corrected.

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