Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Charleston's "Snipe Law."

The city recently passed a law making it illegal to post flyers on public property. The fine is $1087, or 30 (THIRTY) days in jail, and it also applies to flyers ("snipes") found on sidewalks or in the street. So if someone picks up a flyer at the Music Farm and drops it accidentally, the owner of the Farm is fined for it. Keep in mind that the number of robberies, murder, and assaults in Charleston has gone up this year, but instead of funding more patrols or hiring new officers, the city has deemed it more important to fight snipes.

The city council must be partaking in the crack that is abundant in Charleston ghettos for them to conclude that colored pieces of paper pose a greater threat to the city than violent crime.

Here's the City Paper piece on it.

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