Thursday, October 19, 2006

Fun with text messaging.

Text conversation with Drew tonight, while I was seriously preoccupied with Jon Stewart:

Drew: Unitarian Universalism is going to save the world, look into it. Also Emersonian theories of originality and genius- interesting stuff.
Me: You're always the optimist Drew. It's almost endearing.
Drew: A realist, not an optimist- it's not so much in a religious capacity but in that its philosophy works toward being able to peaceably blend different religions within a single culture without violating the beliefs of any. And you know we're gonna blow ourselves to hell if something doesn't enable that.

Normal people use text messages for short thoughts and making plans, like "My house at 8." Philosophy majors aren't normal.

Also, last night I talked about John Ashcroft on The Daily Show, and the clip is here.

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