Monday, October 30, 2006

Andre Bauer fundraiser on Thursday.

The Charlestonian is an organization that meets weekly for different social and networking events. My friend and coworker (ok, I'm a receptionist in his office, but I can still say "coworker") Scott Key founded it two years ago, and there are now over 6,000 people on the mailing list.

Scott put together a fundraiser for Lt. Governor Andre Bauer's re-election campaign. It's at the Harbor Hilton at Patriot's Point from 6-8:00 this Thursday, Nov. 2. There will be a wine tasting and Lt. Gov. Bauer will be there; it'll be a great chance to meet Andre and people involved in local politics and business.

I also think it's important for college students to be active in community events. Too many people my age (I'm 21) are intimidated by situations like this, but by this time we should be comfortable socializing with people older than us. If we're not comfortable talking to people older than us, who'll speak for my generation in the long run? Besides, we're seniors in college, and we'll have to do this next year anyway.

I'll probably be there early, so give me a call.

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