Wednesday, October 18, 2006

A little junk food for the mind.

I've had midterms the past two days, which means I've had very little sleep. My reward for working hard: goofing off at work by indulging in some junk food for the brain.

Like looking at the Project Runway collections and predicting who will win. My choice is Uli. I'm partial to beachy clothes, and that's what she does best, but I also like the non-Miami clothes in her collection, like the silver minidress with long sleeves. The best piece is the green dress at the end.

Here's Laura's collection, which is different variations of lace and feathers and black and white. Some pieces are elegant, but most of it is quite boring to me. Michael's collection was so disappointing! His clothes on the show had such reach; usually he came up with something stunning, no matter what the style. His collection for fashion week is very limited. It gives off an ostentatious in-da-club vibe, like a 50 Cent video. I can see it on beautiful, rich black women, but that's about it. He was absolutely my favorite on the show, but his collection changed my mind.

And here's Jeffrey, doing his '80s rocker thing again. It's different, I guess, but none of it is attractive. Isn't that the goal? To make creative, innovative, attractive clothes?

Conclusion: Uli wins.

UPDATE: I was wrong, but at least the Fug Girls agreed with me. Congrats, Jeffrey, but I wouldn't wear your clothes. Take that.

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