Tuesday, October 31, 2006

"Promisekeepers on crack."

Eileen Finan of Newsweek reports on a group of Christian men who meet together and "let guys be guys."

'"In most churches, you'll see flowers and ferns at the front," says Stine. "That's saying," This is a place that a woman has composed." So GodMen sought to create a place where men could admit to flaws without being judged bad Christians and be unapologetically male, including plenty of rock and roll and sex talk."'

Flower arrangements mean "a woman composed this?" What? That's horribly sexist. And talking about sex and rock and roll is "unapologetically male?"

Of course there are differences between men and women, but asserting them like this strikes me as wrong the same way militant feminism does. Both -- aggressive feminists and these men -- are over-expressing certain attributes, asserting how important they are and how they shouldn't be ashamed of those characteristics. We should be past this by now.

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