Friday, October 27, 2006

At least Cheney didn't shoot anyone this time.

The VP is in Charleston tonight for a fundraising event, and apparently several roads were closed for security reasons around the venue. I was just listening to the traffic report on the radio and people were calling in, ranting about how insensitive Cheney was for "waiting until 5:30 on a Friday to come to Charleston." The rants were funny, but I don't think this visit will help the SC Republican party much. Those people were pretty angry.

CNN has a new feature that summarizes the content of news stories in bullet form above the article. Above this article on Cheney's recent remarks on torture, the summary doesn't do much to clarify the content:
Story Highlights
• VP Cheney agrees in interview it's OK to dunk terrorists in water to save lives
• White House rejects accusations that statement endorses "water boarding"
• Rights group says Cheney statement is a "clear endorsement"
• President Bush: "This country doesn't torture"

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