Monday, October 09, 2006

Learn from the Friend-Making Experts.

This is in an email that was sent to students at my college today:

"Need help learning how to meet people and make more friends?
Come to a FREE mini-class and learn from the experts.

Wednesday, October 11
12-1 PM
Small Bldg., Rm 319
Feel free to bring your lunch!

Call 953-5640 for more information.
Sponsored by Counseling & Substance Abuse Services"

First of all: there are experts in friend-making? That sounds slightly creepy to me. "Come learn how to persuade people to talk and hang out with you!" Secondly, this is sponsored by the substance abuse office, which makes me think the email should read "Come learn how to make friends while you're sober!"

I'm curious to know if anyone will show up to the friend-making workshop- and if cocktails will be served. Probably not. On both counts.

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