Tuesday, October 10, 2006

I know where you live.

Not exactly, but I do have a sitemeter that shows where people are who read my blog. In the past week people in Dubai, Moscow, Singapore, Egypt and France have wasted their time reading my thoughts and rants. I checked this morning, and since I'm getting some traffic from Berkeley, here's a shout out to their student-run webpage: The Heuristic Squelch. A friend recommended it to me a while back, and there is some truly funny material there. The top ten (and five) lists are especially funny:

Top Five Pickup Lines for Poli Sci Majors
5) "Need a job? Some money? Here is half my sandwich."
4) "How 'bout you show me your Capitol Hills?"
3) "All it took was a minute of legislative analysis and you gave me this Washington Monument."
2) "What's the point of going to college when you can get a B.A. in Poli Sci?"
1) "I'm seeing U.N. me getting it on, IMFing you from behind, and NAFTA we can get some breakfast. Just don't give me USAIDs."

I realize that by declaring this funny, I'm revealing just how uncool I am...but I'm pretty comfortable with that already.

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