Saturday, December 23, 2006

The UN Security Counsel approves sanctions on Iran.

Colum Lynch of the Washington Post:

UNITED NATIONS, Dec. 23 -- The U.N. Security Council voted unanimously on
Saturday to restrict Iran's trade in sensitive nuclear materials and to slap an asset freeze on 22 Iranian officials and institutions linked to Iran's most controversial nuclear programs.

"[S]lap an asset freeze." Nice wording. It has a cowboy justice feel. "Let's slap 'em with sanctions."

The council's action marked the culmination of more than three years of diplomatic efforts by the United States to rally support for U.N. sanctions against Iran in the 15-nation council. But Russia, a close commercial partner of Iran, stripped the resolution of some of its toughest measures, including a travel ban on Iranian officials linked to the country's most sensitive nuclear programs.

...The resolution demands Iran immediately suspend its enrichment of uranium and reprocessing of spent nuclear fuel within 60 days or face additional U.N. penalties. Iran has repeatedly defied U.N. demands during the past nine months to suspend those programs. The text also calls on Tehran to begin talks with the council's major powers aimed at allaying international suspicions that it may be pursuing nuclear weapons.

So, either they could comply with the demands, or the sanctions could push Iran to go full scale crazy on the west.

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