Wednesday, December 13, 2006

The Christmas Spirit

I just went across the street to get lunch for the partners (I work in a law firm), and on my way back in I noticed that the building was decorated with Christmas trees. This isn't a new thing -- they were probably put up right after Thanksgiving -- but I hadn't noticed them yet! I took my last final today, so maybe stress was keeping me from properly being in the Christmas spirit.

To declare my intent to start behaving like those annoying happy people in shopping lines humming Christmas songs, I'm officially decorating the blog for Christmas.

Try this: go to and do an image search for "tacky Christmas."

1 comment:

~Virginia~ said...

I was almost too distracted by your comments on working in a law firm that I almost passed up the festive pics! :) It brought back (bad) memories of working for a law firm...good money, horrible people. Hope you work in a friendlier environment! :)