Friday, December 01, 2006

Congratulations, CofC student government.

If College of Charleston students are getting headaches these days, it's not from studying the Treaty of Utrecht or Planck's constant for finals. The constant they have to deal with is the metallic clang of a pile driver sinking columns for a new campus building.

The Student Government Association has petitioned the college to stop construction during finals, which start next week. But officials said at $6,000 a day, it would be too expensive to halt the work.

Instead, no finals will be held in the building closest to the construction and students will be offered earplugs. (AP via WaPo)

Actually, this afternoon the College announced that they would stop the construction during finals. The "building closest to the construction" is Maybank hall, the political science and history building, where almost all of my classes are. When they use the pile driver, there's a constant banging every few seconds. Several of my professors have just given up and let class out for the day when the pile driver started.

So congratulations to CofC student government, who led the effort to halt the construction during finals.

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