Monday, December 04, 2006

Studio 60

There's been a lot of criticism of the sketches on the show-within-a-show on Studio 60 (it's about an SNL-esque show, the cast and crew and their annoying/adorable drama). The criticism has said that the sketches just aren't that funny.

They struck comedy gold tonight: one of the sketches began with Santa coming down the chimney, starting to lay out toys and doing his thing. Guess who stepped out of the shadows to "confront" Santa?

Chris Matthews, from To Catch a Predator. "So Santa, why are you here? Why would you come to visit a 12-year old girl in the MIDDLE of the NIGHT? How long have you been taking advantage of children in the MIDDLE of the NIGHT?"

I'm still laughing.

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~Virginia~ said...

I agree! Hysterical! Loved this episode...