Sunday, December 17, 2006

"The Risks of Too Much City" (Shouldn't this be: "The Risks of Too Many Cities?")

Jeremy Rifkin on urbanization's effects on the environment, in today's WaPo:

We need to ponder how best to lower our population and develop sustainable urban environments that use energy and resources more efficiently, are less polluting and better designed to foster living arrangements on a human scale.

"[L]ower our population?" As in, decrease the number of humans alive at this moment? Or prevent from growing at the same rate? I was under the impression that birthrates were declining already.


Emma said...

yes, birthrates are declining, I believe mostly on the account of abortion. and we absolutely do not need to get RID of anybody, but if the persons who hold this opinion are genuinely concerned, they can be the first to go.

Sharon said...

If abortion explains some of the declining birthrate, then contraceptives explain the rest. Birth control is far, far more common than abortion.