Friday, December 29, 2006

The perils of carelessness:

A 21-year-old German tourist who wanted to visit his girlfriend in the
Australian metropolis Sydney landed 13,000 kilometers (8,077 miles) away near Sidney, Montana, after mistyping his destination on a flight booking Web site.

Dressed for the Australian summer in T-shirt and shorts, Tobi Gutt left Germany on Saturday for a four-week holiday.

Instead of arriving "down under", Gutt found himself on a different continent and bound for the chilly state of Montana.

"I did wonder but I didn't want to say anything," Gutt told the Bild newspaper. "I thought to myself, you can fly to Australia via the United States."

Gutt's airline ticket routed him via the U.S. city of Portland, Oregon, to Billings, Montana. Only as he was about to board a commuter flight to Sidney -- an oil town of about 5,000 people -- did he realize his mistake.

The hapless tourist, who had only a thin jacket to keep out the winter cold, spent three days in Billings airport before he was able to buy a new ticket to Australia with 600 euros in cash that his parents and friends sent over from Germany. (Reuters via CNN)


David said...

Your blog gets entirely way too few comments considering how good your Facebook group "I judge you when you use poor grammar" is. Seriously, I just have to say that I am impressed. Unfortunately, my grammar cannot exactly be considered good, I tended to fail English more often than pass, but oh well.

Beth said...

Wow, the stupidity of that person.

Emma said...