Thursday, December 14, 2006

Is it funny that a comic strip writer/artist has the most consistently logical take on politics that I read?

If a candidate is able to get 48% of the popular vote legitimately, there’s no way to know he’ll be worse than the candidate who got 52%. Voters simply aren’t that good at predicting the future. Every bad president we’ve ever had managed to get a majority of the votes. Sometimes twice.

[On campaigns:] ...We’re judging how a candidate will handle a nuclear crisis by how well his staff creates campaign ads. It’s a completely nonsensical process.

And realistically, most elections are won by fraud in the form of misleading ad campaigns, intentionally distorted statistics, and outright lies. Just because lying to the voters is totally legal doesn’t make it less bad than voting machine hacking... (Scott Adams)

Scott Adams approaches politics from a distance; he's not invested in it, so he's able to analyze it well. This whole article is about how we shouldn't worry about the reliability and security of voting machines.

While I don't subscribe to the implications of his logic -- that we just shouldn't care, and that politics is all about lying anyway -- I do find his approach refreshingly unemotional.

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