Saturday, August 16, 2008

You Just Took a Law School Exam

I had a funny conversation last night that other lawyers and law students will understand. We were talking about how the normal rules of social interaction and alcohol consumption don't apply for 24 hours after taking a law school exam. If you've never taken a law school exam (or med school -- that's comparable), don't judge.

Want to get drunk by yourself before noon, then continue drinking through lunch and substitute beer for dinner? Totally okay. Want to watch an all day marathon of The Hills while you get extremely over-involved in how the blond of LC's hair changes slightly from episode to episode? Totally okay. Want to have sex with the busted brunette you met stumbling out of the law school, then kick her out so you can take a nap? Totally okay. You just took a law school exam.

Maybe this explains why the open tab parties the law school SBA sponsors post-exams devolve into total displays of debauchery. Then again, the open tab has something to do with that too.

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Geo-Fry said...

brilliant, simply brilliant (coming from a law student after the, "last day of classes party").