Saturday, August 02, 2008

New Orleans

Just a few pictures. The first drink of the night (to go! Cause NOLA is cool like that.):

Bourbon Skreet:

Today we wandered around and found the Supreme Court of LA:

More pictures to come!

IN THE COMMENTS: I'm pleasantly surprised by the sass in the comments. Argue away, everyone.


Anonymous said...

Is that a hurricane drink in the first photo? Looks like a hurricane.

The pale dude in the second photo who is trying to cop a feel needs to put on some heavier duty footgear. Wearing thin, floppy sandals without socks on the most unsanitary street in America isn't the wisest thing to do.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, he's really not that cute, and his look needs help, ditto for your baggy jeans and too much makeup.

Anonymous said...

2:13 pm needs to get her eyes checked. SEN isn't wearing much makeup. Click on the photos. All you see is a little eyeliner. The blush is probably from the alcohol and humidity.

And if you think those are baggy jeans, you've never been to a big city and taken a look at the high school population.

By the way, I wrote that the 2:13 pm poster is a "her" because only a woman would write snarky, jealous comments about makeup, clothes, and cuteness.

But the guy does look like a dork. SEN can do much better. She must have low self-esteem.

Anonymous said...

8:01 - he does. And hes sporting a doublechin.

Anonymous said...

He will be all right. He just needs to lift a little and do some cardio. He has the right body type.

Micheal said...

I'm afraid to let any of you ladies see my picture, man. Quit ragging on the poor guy. And I think SEN is quite attractive in that picture, so *raspberry*