Friday, August 08, 2008

First Glimpse of the 1Ls

I'm getting my first glimpse of the 1Ls today.

Right now, I'm studying for my Business Organizations exam in one of the study rooms that we call a "fishbowl" because one wall is made of glass that faces a main hallway. Studying in here can make you feel a little exposed, but it also lets you people-watch.

Orientation for the 1Ls begins next week, and the little overachievers are here buying textbooks today. So far, they don't look as scared as I felt in their position, but then again, they have no idea what's coming.

(How, you might ask, do I know who the 1Ls are? The law school has fewer than 500 students in it, so it feels a little like high school. If you don't know a non-1L person, you definitely recognize them. All the rest are 1Ls. Plus, the 1Ls just look too young and hopeful to be 2- or 3Ls.)


Anonymous said...

having some fresh meat is always exciting

Anonymous said...

I met a 1L in a bar this summer, who was very drunk and clueless. I met another 1L at a 4th of July party who wanted to argue with me about what law school was like - despite having yet to matriculate. They were both bleach blonde. I was not impressed with either.

Anonymous said...

That wouldn't surprise me if you go to Alabama, coming from a T5 Northern school, I have to say our incoming crop of freshmen girls are very promising