Friday, August 01, 2008

Can I have some beads?

This weekend, I'm going to New Orleans. My parents met in NOLA, but not in the typical way that people meet there. They both went to seminary in NOLA and met there, and my dad is now a Southern Baptist pastor. I haven't been there since I was about 3 and my dad was getting his PhD.

We have tons of recommendations on where we should go, and the maps, cameras, and credit cards are ready. Expect some great pictures in the next few days, and wish us luck!


Anonymous said...

Sharon, its probably NOLA. I've never seen this NOL business, and as a Bammer you might want to avoid anything that might remind you of VOL. And have a fantastic time!


Anonymous said...

I hope you both have a great time.

Anonymous said...

Going to seminary school in NOLA is like frequenting a sex store in Salt Lake City. Irony.

Anyway, if you have time and money in NOLA, consider visiting Restaurant August or Herbsaint to eat. Both made Gourmet Magazine's most recent list of America's Top 50 Restaurants. You should dress formally for Restaurant August. Last time I was there, the chef, John Besh, greeted all the restaurant patrons at the end of their dinners and asked how everything was. Nice guy and younger than one might expect.

Herbsaint is not quite as formal, but dress nicely, anyway. You Southern people like to dress up when going to nice restaurants, I've noticed.

Afterward, you can hit Harrah's casino and lose any money you haven't already spent at dinner.

RumorsDaily said...

Don't go to the Voodoo Museum. It sounds cool, but it's not.