Thursday, July 31, 2008

Law School Ruined My Vision

I got glasses today, and they changed my world. My vision has always been perfect. Before last week, I hadn't had a vision exam in 10 years, but recently things on the board started seeming too blurry to read, so I made an appointment to get my eyes checked.

A little background: my grandmother has retinitis pigmentosa, an incurable hereditary eye disease that's basically a death sentence for your vision. My mother has been tested and she doesn't have it, which lowers my odds a lot, but there was still a chance that I could have it. Symptoms don't set in until anywhere from age 15-35, and I'm 23. I guess I avoided eye doctors because I didn't want to face the chance, and it was a little scary going to my check up last week. Thankfully, there are no signs of RP.

The funny part of the visit came when the doctor asked me what I've been doing in the past few years. I told him I just finished my first year in law school, and he said "Aha! Law school." Apparently he gets a lot of law student patients who have always had perfect vision, but the sheer amount of reading in law school strains their eyes and makes their overall vision worse.

I can blame my failing vision on law school!


Silly Little Law Student said...

You wouldn't be the only one. I got my eyes checked midway through spring semester of 2L year. Boy was I surprised how much my glasses rx had increased. It was night and day. It had only been 4 years since my last eye exam but I couldn't believe I had been walking around so blind.

Molly said...

I'm not a law student, but I also didn't get my first pair of glasses until I was in my twenties. I always had perfect vision, and eventually came to realize that I couldn't read street sighs until I was practically right next to them!

Sharon said...

Crazy, huh? And it's unbelievable how much better I can see with them. I can read and see things that I haven't been able to read or see for years.

RumorsDaily said...

My eyes got dramatically worse during my 1L year.

teresa bowen said...

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