Friday, August 15, 2008

Bitter BigLaw Associates

Anonymous comment from my post about selling textbooks:

As someone who graduated with 150K in student loans, I say go ahead and eat the 600 dollar loss per semester. In the end, it's going to pale in comparison to your huge loan pile anyway.

So, get some utility out of your books and keep them. Then, later, when you are working in a law firm, you can stack your bookshelves with them and look like a big nerd. You will feel smart and haughty. You will be superior to your other first year associates.

It'll take you about 6 months before you have enough paper, redwelds, and files in your office to need to empty out your textbooks from your bookshelves. Then, you can take your books home and use them as firewood in a magnificent bonfire. It's great to burn books. Makes you feel alive. I do that sometimes. That and shots of Patron.

bitter biglaw associate

I love:
1) That biglaw associates read this blog,
2) That they are every bit as bitter as I'm told, and
3) That they leave comments.

Keep it up, homes.

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