Friday, August 15, 2008

Cheers, Everyone

This is the last weekend before my second year of law school begins. I'm pretty excited about not being a 1L anymore and the privileges that come with that. We get to choose our classes ourselves this year, and I'm taking some that I expect to be interesting. I'm also glad to have the confidence that comes with one year under my belt -- not that I've mastered the game or anything, but I don't have that 1L white-knuckled fear anymore.

The rest of law school will not be easy, but it won't ever be as difficult as last year again. Part of the difficulty of the first year of law school is the changes that you have to make. Coming into law school, we all had been successful as students in the past, and we all had our own ways of achieving that had proven effective for us. For the most part, those methods didn't work anymore, and we each had to figure out a different way to survive. By now, we've (hopefully) figured out how to do the work of law school, and I expect the next two years to be much more fulfilling.

So cheers, everyone. Here's to a good year.

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