Sunday, March 09, 2008

The Wire

I've become a fan of The Wire this season, and I ended up watching all of the previous episodes during the past six months or so. Tonight is the final episode of the entire show. To any other fans-in-arms out there who are anxious: I feel you.

Stephen A. Crockett (Jr. [Shouldn't there be a limit for the number of name-parts you can use in a byline? I'm thinking 3. Four is just gratuitous.]) feels you too. Even though his name is annoying and distracting, the man can write. If you're a Wire fan, check out his series eulogy. It may make you feel a little better.

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Franklin Christos said...

hey there. I just wanted you to know that a) I read your stuff on ATL, and the comments were both awesome and over the top -- I wouldn't take them too seriously; b) I once wrote a tune called "Lo! Eliza!" and it's cool to know that someone out there is actually named Eliza; and, finally, c) there really isn't any "c" to speak of.

Ok. Feel free to not publish this comment, because it is pointless.