Thursday, March 06, 2008


Just finished the afternoon's blogging at ATL. I'm getting the hang of it now, which may just mean that I'm getting better at scanning the news and filtering out which items I have something relevant to say about. My favorite post of the afternoon is below, but check out the rest at the actual website.

Book-Stealing Hoodlum on the Loose at U of Kentucky Law

That’s right, people. Kentucky Law’s lockers are unsafe. A tipster forwarded us the email that Associate Dean Bakert sent out today warning students not to keep books in their lockers until the security threat is addressed. There was a lock on the locker in question, but the crafty thug apparently broke it.

We know those law school books can be expensive, but they are not the things that a proper gangster steals. You can’t even brag about that, player.

We can think of some creative things the students could keep in their lockers instead of books. Like, you know, snacks and stuff. To our resourceful commenters: what helpful items would you suggest Kentucky’s law students keep in their lockers instead of books?


Anonymous said...

Sharon, I didn't even realize it was you posting and not Lat today on AboveTheLaw, particularly since it is Thursday and I thought you'd be posting on Fridays. The fact that I didn't notice that it was you today shows how seamless the transition was and is between you and Lat. Kudos to you!

On another note, it is very telling that all the bitter people who wrote nasty comments last week have suddenly disappeared on AboveTheLaw. A sign of acceptance for you from the male-dominated New York crowd that primarily posts there. That level of acceptance is not easily accomplished by a Southerner in the span of one week. For example, every time that Billy Merck pops his head up, a pack of people will instantly write about how much they hate him in a dozen different ways.

Good work, Sharon!

Matt said...

I'll echo those remarks. You've been doing a fine job today as well. Keep it up!

Anonymous said...

Didn't you ever learn the cardinal rule that you should never end a sentence with a preposition?

Sharon said...

Wow, that's really high praise. It's great to get some positive feedback after a day of battle with those ATL commenters. Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Had no clue who you were until I read through some of today's comments on ATL. Word of advice: don't quit your day job. Oh, sorry, forgot that you're a student, and a 1L at that. Truly sorry - no one can help you on that one.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

My understanding as to not ending a sentence with a preposition was that the rule originated in Latin - where the preposition must be followed by the object in order to be correct. I'm ambivalent about the rule. I think the rearrangement of words to avoid such is a neat trick that shows off one's verbal acrobatics, but also generally unnecessary to clarifying one's meaning.

You did GREAT today on ATL, Sharon!