Thursday, March 27, 2008

New Computer

My new computer came yesterday! My old one was almost 3 years old, and while it was still in working order, I decided it was time for a new one. Our law school has a zero tolerance policy during exams for technical difficulties, so if your computer freezes and you lose your work 2 hours into an exam, too bad. You don't get to make up the extra time. Knowing that, and knowing how many tics older computers seem to have, I took advantage of an HP sale and bought this new one. It's also 14 inches wide, compared to my old one's 17 inch-wide screen, so the new one is easier to cart around.

People have different preferences when it comes to laptops, and I got a lot of advice to buy a Mac or Dell. But I've had HPs all my life, and they've never given me any problems. I stuck with what I knew worked for me. It'll take a year or so to determine if I made the right choice, so we'll see.

The new one is also a lot prettier than my old one. Look at the cool design! I have to confess, that was a selling point. I am a girl, after all.


Anonymous said...

You should've gotten a Dell.

-midlevel associate drone

Emo Cat said...

How good for HP that you are so loyal. My first laptop was an HP (I had an HP desktop too). The screen fell off long before three years.
Yeah. I got a Dell.
Good luck on exams.
And prom!

RumorsDaily said...

Hey, I just bought a new laptop as well. I wanted to make sure I'd have something that could fight it's way through California's three day bar. I went with a Dell.