Saturday, March 01, 2008

Drudge Breaks Prince Harry Story

Prince Harry comes home from Afghanistan because the media publicized his location. This CNN article doesn't name the news outlet that broke the story, but Headline News is reporting on TV that it was Drudge.

Arguments in Drudge's favor:
  • News is news, and it's all fair game.
  • We read websites because we want to be informed as soon as possible. Drudge gets readers because of his willingness to report what others won't, so anyone who reads Drudge is sanctioning this type of disclosure.
Arguments against:
  • Slippery slope: if there are no journalistic standards, the news may as well be tabloids. Don't we want our news from quality sources?
  • The ultimate line in the sand: when the information could put lives in danger.
  • CNN, BBC and other respected news sources had agreed on not reporting the prince's location.

These are my thoughts on it. I think there are good arguments on both sides. See if you can come up with better ones.

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Sunili said...

No arguments either way, but just posting a tidbit about the Australian gossip rag which really blew it:,22049,23296278-5016558,00.html