Saturday, March 08, 2008

Reviews on ATL

I read through some of the criticisms tonight, and I think the ATL crowd is the toughest to please out of any blog I've read. That's alright, though. It just means I have to step it up.

Here are the complaints that I think have some merit:
  • Over-posting on frivolous news items.
  • Under-posting on substantive pieces.
Here are some complaints that just make me laugh:
  •'re cute. Stick to that.
  • Lat - Hopefully, today the last day of Take Your Kid to School Week. Get off your ass and work.
Then there were some complaints along the lines of "You're a girl. You'd make a good wife. Stop trying to do guys' work."

I bet that guy would make a good wife-batterer.

Among the battering of ATL commenters, I also received the best compliment I've ever been given:
Sharon, I didn't even realize it was you posting and not Lat today on AboveTheLaw, particularly since it is Thursday and I thought you'd be posting on Fridays. The fact that I didn't notice that it was you today shows how seamless the transition was and is between you and Lat. Kudos to you!

On another note, it is very telling that all the bitter people who wrote nasty comments last week have suddenly disappeared on AboveTheLaw. A sign of acceptance for you from the male-dominated New York crowd that primarily posts there. That level of acceptance is not easily accomplished by a Southerner in the span of one week. For example, every time that Billy Merck pops his head up, a pack of people will instantly write about how much they hate him in a dozen different ways.

Good work, Sharon!
This last compliment was posted anonymously, but I'd like to know who wrote it. If you feel like revealing yourself, my email address is Ijudgeyouwhen AT gmail DOT com.


Anonymous said...
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Associate Pirate said...

ATL really can be a tough crowd.

My favorite comment so far (from my own guest blogging adventures):

"you use MSPaint to save those images? my eyes!"