Friday, March 14, 2008

Absence on ATL

David (daBossmann) Lat is trying out new bloggers, and wants several to fill in at different points. I don't know right now what my role would be exactly, but I think he has a role for me on the site when things get settled. Something like "Project Chick" would do just fine.

I'm just learning a ton with ATL, pushing boundaries, and having a great time. I see good things in our future together.


Anonymous said...

The new guest blogger, Kashmir Hill, did an excellent job for her first day and received nowhere near the amount of brutal comments as you had. The ATL commenters, which you claimed were the toughest crowd to please on any blog, were for the most part supportive of her and seemed pleased with the change.

Anonymous said...

Kash got bashed as well (bimbo, uneducated, nothing to say, etc.) You have much to contribute, and have the opportunity to grow as a writer.

Sharon said...

I agree -- I have a lot to learn as a writer. This has been a great experience, and I do read and consider the substantive comments (not just gratuitous insults). I hope to grow as a writer through all of this.

Anonymous said...

5:08 - She did get a few bad comments, but those were relatively a lot less, there were far more supporters of Kashmir if you read through all of the ATL comments on her various posts.

Just take a look at this story and related comments from her continued work on the site on Monday (which incidentally includes an editor's note that Kashmir will be continuing her blogging work on ATL).

That's not to say that SEN won't go on to make positive contributions there and grow as a writer, but overwhelmingly Kashmir has had a lot more positive acceptance and reaction from ATL readers.