Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Ohh, snap. Prop.Prof Krier just called me out.

In the middle of Property class, he stopped his teaching, looked around the room for "Ms. Nichols," and asked me why I said bad things about him in this post about the joke he played on the class.

"I didn't!" I protested. He laughed it off, then asked what NIU was. I should have linked to an explanation of the NIU tragedy, but I really didn't want to link Prop.Prof Krier's joke to such a tragedy. The Joke was a joke, and it served a good purpose. It was effective, it didn't waste much class time, and it put us all back in a mindset to be serious.

I explained the NIU tragedy in class today when Prop.Prof asked, and I'll link to it in this post. I just wanted to make it clear that those were totally different incidents, very very dissimilar. I mentioned the NIU thing to show my appreciation for Prop.Prof not being overly-politically correct and stuffy, like some professors would have been. Here's the NIU link.

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Anonymous said...

Well-played, Ms. Schnichols!