Friday, November 03, 2006

The latest on the Colorado pastor...

This is the newest in the story about the Colorado pastor, Ted Haggard, who was publicly accused of having an affair with a male prostitute and buying drugs from him. Haggard admitted that he bought meth from the man, but said he never used it.

Meth isn't something that you seek out and buy unless you've used it before and know what it's like. Most people (including myself) wouldn't even know how to use meth! And if he wanted to get into drugs, common sense says it would have started with something else. It's a sad story either way, but I don't buy his version.

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Thrasher said...

Ick... Kinda drives me crazy that pastors can't keep themselves out of trouble. But then, with the way so much of American Christianity is focusing on emotions and a "feel good" mentality, is it any surprise that morals in the church are flying out the window? You can never have any sort of outward conformity to a system of morals without first being transformed inwardly by the regenerative power of Christ's sacrifice... And unfortunately, even many pastors today don't understand that.

How sad.