Monday, November 27, 2006

A different kind of fanaticism.

"World football boss Sepp Blatter has warned that financial corruption in
football is making the job of the referee harder than ever. In a tough address to the Soccerex football business gathering in Dubai, he put the issue at the top of a list of problems the sport faces, including corruption, racism, club v country, the wealth of many European clubs, and the issue of home grown players." (BBC)

When I first clicked on this link, I was thinking "corruption in football" meant American football, but it makes more sense that it was referring to soccer. I was born and raised in Alabama, where football fans are notoriously hard core, but an Alabama fan's devotion to his team is mild compared to the hysteria surrounding soccer in the rest of the world.

ADDED: Deadly football fanaticism. A man in South Carolina shot his friend over a $20 bet on the SC-Clemson game!

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