Monday, January 26, 2009


Two awesome things have happened in the past two days.  I'll go with the most recent first: I got an iPhone!  Although I recognize that this is bad for my concentration in almost any situation, I'm still excited.  It's gonna be my crack, I know it, but it'll feel so good.  

Second: The Tuscaloosa News did an article on the ABA blog poll win.  I'm always nervous about newspaper articles; I'm afraid that they'll portray me or my writing badly, that the picture will be less than flattering, that a quote will be taken out of context.  But this one turned out really well, and the only mistake was when they quoted the hit count on the blog.  It's supposed to be daily, not weekly.  But hey, who's counting?  I'm just happy to get the coverage.  

A third sidenote: I received an email from the president of the ABA, Tommy Wells, who happens to be an Alabama law graduate.  Pretty cool, huh?  UA should be known for something other than (well, in addition to) football, and I hope the law program gets the recognition it deserves.  


Adrenalynn said...

Great article! You came off very well, and you look really good in the photo:) I'm so happy for your continuing success!

Anonymous said...

Great article, congrats, the picture wasn't so flattering though, I prefer the one you have on the site.

Anonymous said...

Forget the pictures. Just post more frequently.

Anonymous said...

You were getting your picture taken for the paper and wore that?