Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Judge Colquitt

I've never taken a class from Judge Colquitt before, but I hear that he says some pretty funny things.  Right now I'm taking Criminal Procedure from him, I'll be here to document the Judge's funny comments and save them for you guys to read. 

He just walked in, and the Judge is wearing a traditional suit.  I'm disappointed that it's not seersucker.  His voice, however, fully lives up to my expectations.  He has what's called an Old Southern accent.  It sounds like sweet tea, huge front porches and old money.  This means he says things like "VER-mont" (instead of "Vermont"), and "the triiii-al it-sayelf" ("the trial itself.").    


littleREDelf said...

i knew better than to order balsamic vinaigrette, but i had a waitress in the south confirm or rather, correct me when i ordered Italian dressing for my salad. "EYE-tyalian," she smiled.

Alfred Brophy said...

I miss the Judge. Ask him about Brownville at some point--he has a great story about campaigning there.

Father Muskrat said...

Awesome. I went to lawschool in Atlanta, which meant pretty much every Prof was from elsewhere, just like most of the lawyers. I have to travel north towards Dalton or south towards Macon to hear a good Southern accent.

Do you know where you want to practice when you graduate?

Anonymous said...

Oh, how I miss the days of Crim. Pro. with Judge Colquitt! You will NOT be disappointed!