Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Pros and Cons of Publicity

Ever since the ABA win, I've been trying to write about law school more.  The problem is, ever since the ABA win, when bloggable things happen, I get disclaimers like "Don't blog about that!" or "That's off the record."  

Thankfully, I have a few professors who either don't know about the blog or don't care if I post the goings-on from class.  I'll post a few funny things that happened today in a little bit.


anonypotamus said...

Careful when you say "trying to write about law school more." That sounds like you weren't blogging much about law school at all before the ABA win. If that's the case, why did you deserve to win? Some might say Guy Fawkes visited every computer lab in the state and voted from every computer he found. Some might say that.

Anonymous said...

Some may say that, and some (including myself) may also say that they have a big problem with the way you won this award. There were so many illegal votes cast in this poll, that the ABA itself had to address the issue in their announcement of the winners.

You had, hands down, the largest number of illegal votes by a long shot. You had over 6,000 votes cast for you when the polls closed, and when the ABA threw out all the illegal votes, you only had little more than 500. Now, you had gone on record as saying that you had so little knowledge of computers that you couldn't have voted for yourself via proxy if you wanted to (ironically in defense to a claim that illegal votes were being cast for you, which it turns out they were).

You may not have known how to do that, but people close to you undoubtedly do, and I find it hard to believe that over 5,500 illegal votes could have been cast on your behalf without your bequest, knowledge, input, and/or cooperation.

There is a classy way to win, as pointed out in the comments to the above link, and well this was not it. You may have won regardless, but choosing to take part of these kind of activities casts a black shadown over your win and personally makes me think a lot less of you.

And before, defenders can throw random accusations at me, claiming I must be an author from the Boalt blog, I am not. I was actually a fan of your blog and writing before this, and am sad to say, I won't be anymore.

Guy Fawkes said...

Seriously, nice spin on the typical anon BS. Love it

While I understand why you might think I would try to manipulate the polls on the ABA blog thing, I actually voted a grand total of once. I would tell you if I did ANY manipulation, trust me.

anonypotamus said...

Don't take that personally, obviously I don't and will never know how you voted...but I believe you. I just picked you out because, as a consistent supporter/defender of this blog you make something of an easy target for the point I am trying to make.

I am not a blogger, but I do read blogs. I enjoy reading this blog and I think Sharon has a good deal of very insightful things to share with us, even those like myself who are in no way associated with the legal community (and I believe I may be speaking for the majority, because I'm sure a large percentage of readers are brought over from the Facebook group).

A great blog is a great blog because of one thing and one thing only...honesty. We don't read blogs because they make lists. We read blogs because humans are intellectual voyeurs. We take pleasure in peering into the minds of others. This blog shouldn't rest its laurels on a list or ranking. People will continue to read this blog if it were 1st just as must as if it were 10th or 100th.

And I will remain anonymous...but uniquely so!